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Welcome to COBALT, one of the most experienced Home Automation and Smart Home specialists.

A Smart Home should enhance your lifestyle, not complicate it. COBALT caters to individuals from all walks of life shifting into new homes or living in their existing dwelling by providing both novel and retro-fit automation solutions. Indeed, getting COBALT is a smart move.

Creating a smart home involves the bringing together of many different disciplines including entertainment, lighting, security and networking to name just a few. That's what COBALT does best, and our industry-leading technology and expertise simplifies it all, saving your time and money.


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COBALT smartens your home by providing multi-device compatibility for gadgets that operate on disparate technology platforms. Be it a Samsung AC or a Sony music player and TV or Lg lighting, COBALT can integrate it all. It has been designed thoughtfully to give you greater freedom and flexibility to control and manage your automation solutions from any device including laptop, tablet, ipad, or your smartphone.

With the capability of retro-fit and novel automation solutions, COBALT makes it very easy to incorporate smart technology. COBALT has the ability to blend both wired and wireless products perfectly for sophisticated automation solutions, effectively bidding adieu to all hazardous and unpleasant home enhancement experiences. COBALT also provides a highly functional and easy-to-use interface to make life simplified.

COBALT thinks beyond local. It inspires Global. By assimilating wide range of international and domestic products, COBALT delivers simplified technology without compromising on quality and standards. COBALT constantly evolves to enrich and improve your life and with the abundant customizations it’s capable of, sky's the limit!

The benefits of your smart home are only limited by your imagination.

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Take Full Control of Your Home

The perfect Welcome awaits you with a COBALT automated home. While you are still away, set the right ambiance controls, aesthetic lighting controls and home appliance controls for your home. As soon as you enter your home, it’ll welcome you with all your needs matched to the T. Arriving tired from work, step into a preheated bath while the TV turns on to your favorite news or music channel and your AC adjusts the temperature perfectly; all without fumbling for switches or remotes. And that's just the beginning… Welcome to your smart home where all the technology is seamlessly integrated based on your comforts.



Intelligent lighting solutions for you to customize and get the perfect look for your home



Feel comfortable with the exact temperature which intuitively changes to suit your needs



With detectors, panic alerts and alarm features for elderly and children, feel reassured in your home



Set the right tone by ‘follow me’ home theater integration across all rooms



Home automation that not just helps you live comfortably, but also live GREEN



Remotely monitor different aspects of your home even while away from it



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What Clients say

My husband was always worried about the security of our home as we both are away for most of the day. With Cobalt, we don‘t worry anymore. We are able to remotely view our home on our mobiles and know of any security and safety breaches in time. Thank you Cobalt!

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Heena Malik


Our existing home is 12 years old house and I never could have believed that I can automate it till I came across the retro-fit capability of Cobalt automation. Not only did they provide customized solutions, they also ensured that they don’t damage our walls for including new electrical fittings. I couldn’t be more happier with my “new” old home!

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Sanjeev Marathe


I didn’t know that life would get this simplified until I automated my home with Cobalt Automation. The installation team was very helpful and did a superb job of fitting the lighting and security solutions in our new home.

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Amit Nair

Software Engineer

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