Tired of constantly worrying about the safety of your loved ones, growing energy consumption, security of your valuables?

Enter COBALT. It understands the uniqueness of each customer and provides ὰ la carte options from the best international and domestic products in Home Automation integrated to individual requirements. With its range of solutions, COBALT constantly strives to push the realms of possibilities in the technology-driven world and build towards an uplifted life.

Feel at home always

  • Comfort
  • Convenience

COBALT integrates multiple products onto one platform. It gives you complete access over spectrum of appliances and systems such as security and surveillance, lighting, Audio-visual and home theater, temperature and climate as well as utility systems such as garden watering systems, garage door and main gate control and walkway controls. Smart home systems make your life easier by integrating common features of your home under one interface, commonly via an in-wall touch panel or smart phone app. A smart home automation system facilitates a seamless and satisfactory experience for an enhanced lifestyle.

In today's tech-savvy world, luxury is no longer a prerogative for a select few but rather a way of life. Your dream home is not just about what you invest in it, it's the way your vision of comfort, security and style is fulfilled in everyday life. Automation elevates and enriches the quality of life by providing personalized solutions for a convenient lifestyle. COBALT's automation capabilities are distinguished and pioneer the need for customer-centric approach in providing turn-key solutions. COBALT is indeed the right choice for a relaxed, happy and rejuvenating life.

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