COBALT’s Intelligent security and surveillance solutions protect your home and keep your loved ones away from intrusions and danger. When at home or away, monitor your premises through tablets or remote access control to ensure complete safety of your home. COBALT empowers you to keep your mind at peace and focus on the finer nuances in life rather than break your head over the security of your family!

Our Security Solutions

  • VDP & Access Control
  • CCTV & Surveillance
  • Door Locks
  • Sensors and Detectors

Security is the most important concern in today’s world. Your home is your sanctuary and you should have absolute control over who gets to enter your home. COBALT’s access control systems are sophisticated and customized to specific requirements. Ranging from pre-set passcodes for family and near ones, to temporary access control for housekeeping staff and other maintenance personnel and guests for soirees or family functions, you can even extend the access control to the garage. Up the safety quotient of your home or office with VDPs having different storage capacities enabling you to view your visitors before opening the door.

CCTV cameras are the best way to provide security for your home or workplace. They not only enable you to view your premises both from home and remotely from your smartphone, tablet or desktop but also act as a visible deterrent to criminals. Powered with motion sensors which record footage only when triggered by motion and with arrays of camera and memory storage options, COBALT security is the right choice for you.

Partnered with the best in the world, COBALT’s self-contained digital door locks offer an effective access control solution by completely eliminating security breaches which occur due to old-fashioned locking mechanisms such as swipe cards and keys.

Gas leak sensor

LPG gas alarm system attached to your gas pipeline detects the presence of petroleum gas beyond permissible limits and immediately triggers the closing of the gas valve, also sending prompt alerts to your smartphones.

Glass Break Detectors

Never worry about intruders breaking into your home through a window. Even while away from home, an alert is generated immediately to warn you of break-ins and take prompt action against tresspassers!

Outside Motion Detector

Set right outside your main door, with a wide detection field of 230°, it forms a vital part of your security system as it alerts you to irregular motion outside your home from all sources.

Presence Detector

Primarily used for security and also for lighting control and heating purposes, this sensor is not only practical but also versatile. Equipped with a 360° view and sensitivity range up to 26 ft, it makes the perfect look-out for your home!

Smoke Detector

Safeguard your home from the perils of fire by strategically placed smoke detectors that warn you at the right time and avert disasters.

Flood Detector

Never be concerned again about undetected pipe leaks and bursts, be it under your sink, in the bathroom or in the basement! With effective instantaneous alerts, it rightly addresses water wastage and saves huge on the water bills for your home.

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