Why do you need Home Automation? You need automation solutions to make your home intelligent. Home Automation is not just about having a ‘luxe’ lifestyle. It’s one of the most effective ways of living a hassle-free life, ensuring efficient energy management and giving you complete control of your home even when not at home. It facilitates convenient, simplified living wherein technology does all the work for you based on your comforts and lets you have complete peace of mind!

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“Home Automation” encompasses many different areas including Security and Surveillance, Home Safety, Lighting Control, Ambience Control, Energy Management, Lifestyle Automation and Audio-Visual Control. And COBALT takes care of it all. It provides smooth integration across multiple technology platforms to give precise and customised automation solutions for your home. Be it a retrofit model or novel home, a wireless or wired integration, a COBALT powered smart home is par excellence.


home automation companies


home automation companies

Wake-up scene

Maintain the perfect ambience in your bedroom with the AC intuitively sensing and adjusting the inside temperature taking into consideration the outside environment; thus keeping you warm and cozy in your bed. The dimmable lights will slowly wake you from your slumber and the curtains are also programmed to raise only after you wake up, ensuring that you don’t wake up with a headache from the glaring sunlight filtering in through the windows. Knowing the busy working schedule you maintain, all home appliances are tuned in to your requirements at the right time; the geyser, your coffee pot, microwave, radio, even your home theater with your TV playing your favourite channel!

Welcome home

After a hectic day at work, find the right space to relax at home with the perfect “Welcome Home” scene! With the ability to turn on home appliances remotely, define your milieu before entering your home with COBALT’s smooth integration capacities. With the touch of a button, turn on the access controls, the AC, your favourite music or documentary, meal maker, curtains as well as the lighting modes. You will never feel like leaving your home due to the perfect atmosphere created by COBALT!

Good night scene

Go to bed knowing that it’s going to be the best sleep like every other day! Integrated curtain controls, entertainment controls, security controls, lighting controls, and safety controls allow you to sleep with plenty peace of mind. COBALT’s automation technology facilitates easy integration to efficiently manage your home.

Party scene

Get the tag of the best party home in town with COBALT’s “Party mode”! With RGB light control integrated with dimmable lights, music and ambience controls set the right mood in your home. Smart alerts to avert food or ice shortages only add to the whole experience. Also temporary access controls to only guests ensure that intrudes can’t enter your premises undetected. Celebrate in the company of your family and friends at home with only merriment on your mind.

Secure your home

With extensive security and surveillance options such as impregnable access control system, CCTV cameras and VDPs, detectors and sensors, all located in and around your premises, not only alert you of intruders, but also efficiently prevent break-ins. With the ability to access your security options remotely, you can always relax and unwind with COBALT automation solutions protecting your home.

Kid Secure and Parent Secure

The safety of our parents and kids is our top most priority and also worry especially when away from them. Make your home safe for kids and parents in every possible way by turning on the “Kid Secure” and”Parent Secure” mode which enables instant alerts for any mishaps or danger that may occur. With the ability to view their rooms even remotely, especially when the kids are alone with nanny, or parents are with their caretakers, to VDPs which allow them to know strangers from family from the safe confines of home, to having panic buttons that trigger alerts when they injure themselves, to ensuring that only the right channels turn on on TV, COBALT takes cares of all your worries effectively.

Safety first

Avoid all household hazards with the best safety features such as gas leak sensors, glass and door break sensors, smoke and fire sensors, gate operators and panic alarms. They not only activate at the right time to avoid any impending perils, they also send immediate notifications to your smart devices like mobiles, tablets or laptops to alert you of any disagreeable activity.

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